Yup, those are ads, not a virus

In response to a few inquiries, yes, those ads at the bottom of the page at allpar are real ads, not a virus, or malware, or a mistake.  Revcontent, the advertiser, is pretty popular on the Net, and you’ve probably seen their work on many other sites (Taboola and a couple of other providers have similar ads).


Allpar is normally more staid and conservative, but we require a certain amount of ad income to keep things going, and that has been a problem lately. We have cut back on in-image ads, but regular ad rates keep falling, in-image rates have fallen, and, in short, we are getting to the point of looking at the job market again.

We are still experimenting, and trying out other sources including Komoona and Digital Throttle, and at the same time, paradoxically, removing other ads so we don’t have too many trackers and slow loading times. So far, Revcontent has been pretty good at filling in, and we can put it “out of the way” at the bottom of the page, which is good.

I have never liked that kind of content, really, but it’s popular and pervasive and I’m happy to provide a “way out” of all ads for $14 per year which seems reasonable. At some point I have to adopt some of the standards of society in general. Nobody complains when large media outlets do it – and really nobody’s complained yet, just inquired as to whether this was intentional. Yes, it is, unless I can find an alternative.