Tech fun never ends

I was fascinated by computers at an early age — as I guess most people my age were, if they were exposed to them. I was lucky, because my father worked with computers, and even had an early desktop created before the IBM PC appeared. It drove a plotter, and I was amused over ten years late to see that an PC-AT couldn’t drive it as quickly.

That’s probably one reason I’m able to do all the tech work on Allpar, and when needed, in my consulting business as well (that mainly involved securing the server-based part of the off-the-shelf survey software we use, and now and then updating it to work with newer operating systems).


Yesterday, I went through and set up DMARC policies of “reject” on email accounts for every domain I have, even those that never send mail, because spammers around the world (especially in India and Mexico) have found them all and caused my server to be banned by Microsoft and AT&T, which apparently can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t. That included adding DKIM to a few domains that didn’t have it. The end result is that we should be blocked less — and people shouldn’t get spam from the or domains any more (if their email provider was any good, that should not have happened anyway after we did SPF and DKIM).

Today, I fixed three problems on Allpar, all dealing with phones — the inability to click on links (!), huge spacing on news items, and the loss of news headlines from the home page. I don’t think these affected anyone not using a phone. I also did more email work and went through some old sites seeking out old form software that could be abused by the sleazes of this world. Like most people, they divert a good deal of my time.

Finally, if you wondered about all the crazy polls on the site, I’m looking at two companies that provide these, and will choose one or the other at the end of next week.