Taking the plunge (fewer ads)

I’ve dropped the in-image and bottom-of-page ads. It’s a mildly painful decision, since this is a slow time of year for advertising and every year is worse than the one before, but it was the most annoying ad type since I got rid of the slide-ins.

Those with ad blockers should see a request to whitelist or subscribe (see above). The nice thing about subscribing is that not only do you contribute rather than just taking, but the site doesn’t send any ads for you to block. In short, it should be faster to view, and still let me pay my bills.


I am almost entirely supported by ads on Allpar at this point. I thought about doing a Wikipedia style donation drive, but Allpar isn’t set up as a nonprofit, though it’s a thought, and doesn’t have the billions of hits and hundreds of millions of viewers to make it viable. I still do surveys and, to a lesser degree, organizational change work, but as I haven’t put much time into that part of my life, I haven’t gotten much work out of it, either. (The survey business has also been clobbered by SurveyMonkey; the quality of the questions doesn’t seem to matter much if the results are free.)

Anyway, Allpar has fewer of the nastier ads. As usual, I will be trying two new avenues of revenue to replace the ones that are going away, but they should be better, and probably, based on past experience, won’t last long. What we really need is an ad sales rep to do away with the agencies entirely…

Update: we are giving the in-image ads a brief retrial.