Yes, yet more new menus

This is a completely different script — one which I did not write myself. It is, needless to say, better!

I am happy that the script has pretty light weight, though it has more code than I would normally use, to allow for many contingencies and much flexibility. I hope to get a search form in there, too. It might replace the links to other Allpar-related sites (now fixed, by the way).


I also fixed the problem on the home page where our subscribers/sponsors would see ads, oops!

I will be tweaking the site-wide menus over time and will see if I can finally get them to work with the forums. They are not yet in the news section, but I hope to get them there today. They are also more mobile-friendly than what we have now — anywhere — but rely on that odd “three lines on top of each other” icon. They should work with any modern browser — sorry, Internet Explorer 6 users.

As usual on a “dead day,” I upgraded the server’s underlying software. We are looking forward to a moderately large speed boost later this year, too, which will particularly affect images.

If you were wondering how good this year was for us, the answer is, it really wasn’t. We survived, we added new material, we kept going, we added features and updated material, and we will have a cool series soon from an insider who saw projects like the turbine and diesel slant six (which Daniel Stern told us about years and years ago). But viewership was down as Chrysler turned out to be “in,” and other sites started jumping in and reporting Mopar news and history in a big way. We seemed to do best when Chrysler was a pariah and we were pretty much the sole source of non-doom-related news and history. (Our reward for this is the same reward as Chrysler’s for their contributions to the military during World War II.)

That said, I am hoping for a bit of a boost from the new minivans and such, coming in 2016. I have to thank some people whose names you know for keeping things going — Jim Choate on the forums, Patrick Rall and Bill Cawthon in the news, Burton Bouwkamp for helping us get inside stories from the muscle years, Bob Sheaves for keeping his “free open university” going, Daniel Stern for correcting mistakes and contributing unique material, the dozens of you who upgraded (some to avoid ads, some to keep things going), and the dozens of you who provided information, photos, feedback, and corrections over the last year. Maybe for 2016, I’ll start recording names so I can do a proper “thank you” — but not everyone can be named…

Happy new year!