Jeep’s new logo

I have to admit, I don’t get it.

The green Jeep logo protected an image — the image one would think Jeep would want, of the vehicle you took into forests, off roads, into natural lands. It was attractive and simple and distinctive.

jeep logo

The new logo looks like the Trevor Creed rendition of the Chrysler pentastar. It’s trendy for the 1990s, using a three-dimensional metallic look. I’m not entirely sure what they’re shooting for, and in the entirely too long (with an absurd amount of white space) document detailing what dealers and marketers can’t do with it, there is not a single mention of why it was changed. 

Maybe it was a great idea. Maybe there’s a darned good reason. Or maybe a designer or executive got bored and started playing with Photoshop or Acorn or whatever they use. (Okay, it’s a big corporation, they use Photoshop.)

It would be nice if they explained their rationale, if they have one. In the meantime, restricting the sold colors to black, gray, and white just seems… odd.

For what it’s worth, I don’t know when they switched to green, but it was sometime in the last ten years. The current logo is not the original Jeep logo, and is not even the one used by Kaiser. Willys had it in gold and AMC in blue.