Allpar’s ongoing renovation

We are renovating Allpar, one page at a time.

Numerous site-wide systems have already been changed, but that’s been going on since the mid-1990s. What’s different now is that, to get more articles into the randomization system, I am vetting older articles, adding images and information where needed, correcting problems, and essentially bringing them up to current Allpar standards.


Most of the time, these pages are then re-featured because they’ve been changed so much. Sometimes I just add them into the queue for the “random features” pages. It depends on how much has been changed.

The process is slow because I don’t have much time, since these days I seem to spend most of it arguing with healthcare providers, insurance companies, and such, not to mention helping keep the news current. Still, I hope to get through all 2,600 pages at Allpar by, say, the end of 2016.

Or maybe not: there are just 746 pages in there and that’s taken a couple of years. Some of those 2,600 pages will never be added, most likely, like ancient car reviews. But I hope to get quite a bit in there.

As a side note, I recently realized, as someone talked about their career changes, that I do have a tendency to change things because, well, I don’t leave well enough alone. I’ve taken my own full time jobs and “fixed” them until they were one day per week jobs. The only thing stopping me from redoing Allpar every week is time.