We’re in Apple News!

newsAllpar is in Apple News, and has been since OS 9 was a public beta.

Search for Allpar and you will find all three Allpar feeds — news, features, and this site. Our logo is below but at the moment we’re showing plain text because our prior logo had images, and they recently banned images. That’s okay, it wasn’t showing up properly anyway.


When the Apple News format opens up to “normal” publishers, we will bang our heads against the wall until we figure out how to use it.  This will let us do longer stories on the phone.

Apple News is currently IOS only, for whatever reason. I don’t see it in my 10.11 beta. If you have IOS 9 or 9.1 (beta) you can find Apple News, it has red in its logo, shown at the top right of this page. This is the annoying web site describing Apple news…