Why we’re only doing three features a week

Longtime Allpar members may remember when we did a new feature every day. This didn’t last long, it was too hard to deal with major events like auto shows.

Some may also remember when we did five new features per week. This lasted longer.

old allpar home page

So why are we down to three?

  1. As you may have noticed, I have had some issues which cut into my time and speed.
  2. The advertising market has plummeted and with it my ability to hire help has dropped. I have no summer interns any more!
  3. The news has taken on more and more time and importance.
  4. It’s summer time and readership is relatively low in July and August anyway.
  5. Mainly, the readership for features is declining.

I am hoping to get back up to four features per week. Five … will depend on whether we can get more revenue from whatever sources. We have a few possibilities, including closer relationships with existing agencies, ties with new groups, and such.