Upgrading the Allpar forums

Today, I upgraded the Allpar forums to Xenforo 1.5. The process is a bit more complicated than you’d think. While WordPress lets you click a single button (well, really, two single buttons) and then does everything on its own, here’s Xenforo’s process, which is identical to that of some other forums:

  1. Issue a notice to everyone warning them of an impending shutdown, so they don’t get stuck with a carefully written post that disappears as the site goes down
  2. Post something on Facebook.
  3. Download the update archive and uncompress it
  4. Shut down the forums
  5. Open a file transfer program, e.g. Fetch, Transmit, CuteFTP, etc
  6. Upload all files
  7. Visit a special address and run the updater
  8. Re-upload modified graphics
  9. Check for template changes that overwrite or change your own template changes and reconcile them, a real pain in the old Invisionboard and somewhat easier in Xenforo … though not when we get to version 2.
  10. Re-open the forums.
  11. Post something on Facebook.


What are the rewards? In Xenforo’s own words, ignoring the stuff that only affects me: