Steam heat on Allpar?

Some may say that posting steam heat and washing machine repairs on Allpar is pushing it, but there’s a reason why they’re both there, along with a section on dealing with Honeywell Ademco house alarms.

I didn’t have any other place for them.

Avid Mopar news fans are probably unaware of the Allpar repairs section, which is a bit of a hodgepodge, but one which has saved thousands of dollars just for people I know about. One transmission repair shop said they were going to stop doing Chrysler four-speeds altogether before reading a page there; when they followed the guidance, they found that their rebuilt Chrysler transmissions were as good as any other. (They’d been using the wrong fluid, among other things.)

The three extra sections came from “DIY” (do-it-yourself) work that was forced on me by the high prices and, for steam heat, low competence of field repairmen. The washing machine repairmen vary in quality, but their prices are generally about half of what the thing cost, so I found out how to fix it. Someone kindly sent me a full copy of the company repair manual, which helped!

(Side note, I will never buy a GE washer again.)

As for steam heat, well, I wrote that when I was dealing with cancer and realized I was the only person in my house who knew how to keep the boiler alive. With replacement costs at $10,000 and up, I thought it would be good to write down everything I knew. Quite a bit came from Dan Holahan and, but he writes mainly for field techs, not homeowners.

Finally, the alarm… well, I saw no reason for other people to go through the insanity I had to endure. My advice, by the way, is to get a simpler alarm if you can. (My house alarm is monitored, but not at $30/month. I use an auto-dialer plus a $9/month service.)

The three sections are referenced only from the bottom of the repairs page, under the title, “completely irrelevant.” And so they are — but they are helpful. I’ve gotten more feedback from the GE washing machine page than nearly any other repair page on Allpar. That’s saying something!