Allpar: new stuff, ad changes

I’ve taken out an annoying header ad from the mobile version of Allpar (the home page). I also took out the ineffectual “slide in” reminder on the news page to join us in New Jersey at the meet.

As I said last week, ad experimentation is an ongoing thing from time to time as we try to get the balance between annoying you and annoying the bank. As usual, you can opt out via the forum upgrade/ad bypass system.

I hope you like this week’s features, which, while they focus on muscle cars, are still pretty diverse — a first-hand writeup of a Woodward event that includes short-track drag racing, sales and production of the Dodge Challenger, and a contemporary engineering report on making the Dodge Charger 500 even faster (and much more stable), with input from the recently departed Buddy Baker.

Thanks for your understanding…