Ads, ads, sorry

When I visit the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal, I hit a paywall. When I visit other sites, I get annoying video ads that one can’t dismiss for ten seconds before I can see the content. Ads are everywhere and increasingly annoying.

I understand why; the return from advertising is diminishing. I have tried, though, to minimize the annoyance of ads on Allpar. We have a workaround to keep most ads off the page for those who are willing to contribute $14 or more per year, and, again, I try to avoid the most annoying ads: popups, interstitials, video ads, balloon ads, massive ads.


But … there comes a point when I have to pay property taxes, medical insurance, food bills, and such. (My biggest expense, in case you ever wondered, is medical insurance, followed by uncovered medical costs. Those of who you work for large companies have the benefit of group rates and, often, subsidized rates. I don’t.) We also have a server and sometimes need professional help and software and such.

So I hope you will play along and help out by tolerating the ads, and if you really hate them, pay for the upgrade or make a contribution in some other way (not necessarily financial). You know, if I got one dollar from each visitor, I’d not only pull the ads, but I’d be able to rent a garage for my Hellcat collection and maybe even do that bodywork on my ’74 Valiant (ooo, I could afford a 2.2 turbocharger for it!).

Back to the point — if you use an ad blocker, I’d appreciate your contributing something to the running of Allpar, too. It can be through the forums upgrade system, or just through PayPal.

Some sites have been doing Kickstarter campaigns with the reward of ad-free months. For every month they can get enough funding, they drop their ads. I’m not sure how practical that is for Allpar, but if you’re really interested, maybe we can give it a shot.