Getting Ready for the Chrysler Nats in Lahaska

There are many car clubs devoted to Chrysler these days. The most active (in the US) is almost certainly the huge Plymouth Owners Club, but they are restricted to that one brand. Then we have a panoply of relatively local Mopar clubs, the National Chrysler Products Club, Walter P. Chrysler Products Club, Dodge Brothers Club, and the new Mopar Heritage Car Club.

This weekend is the National Chrysler Products Club annual national meet, though the term “national” may be disputed. It’s normally a good show with over a hundred cars ranging from 1910s Dodge Brothers to present-day cars and trucks. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Preparation was not too bad this year, I had to top off the antifreeze (there’s a leak somewhere in there but it’s pretty small and gradual, I think it might be a pinhole at the top of the radiator), clean the interior, empty the trunk and put in a tent and a chair or two. I still have to pack water.