• The new Dart… updated

    It seems that every time I drive a new Dart, the experience is different. I don’t think it’s me, though. Most cars I get two versions of seem nearly identical, even, back in the old days, when I got four different brands of the same GM crossover.

    This time I got a Limited, which is a highly optioned car, with the 2.4 and automatic.… ... read the rest

  • Why is Sergio insisting on a GM deal?

    Lots of people think they know why Sergio Marchionne, head of Fiat Chrysler, wants to join with General Motors. But the arguments I’ve heard are all rational: lower costs, capital problems, etc.

    I have a theory, based on my own experience as an editor.

    He hates to see a company badly run.… ... read the rest

  • What to call FCA cars

    The other day, I saw someone refer to their cars as “FCA’s” in a forum.

    I see two problems with that. First, FCA is probably not the favored acronym for Fiat Chrysler products outside the executive suits of FCA itself; and second, for heaven’s sake, it’s not a possessive, it’s a plural, and there’s nothing being left out, so what’s with the apostrophe?… ... read the rest

  • Is Chrysler deliberately slowing down its V6 cars?

    The V6 in my car is “made” by the eight-speed automatic that came with it. Before that transmission, the 300 V6 was almost pokey. With it, 0-60 times officially comes in 6.6 seconds (down from around 8.6), while highway mileage shot up from an EPA-registered 27 to 31. In real life, long highway trips yield 34 mpg, not bad for a full size upscale sedan.… ... read the rest

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