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  • What about Bob?

    Many of you probably know that Bob Sheaves, AMC and Chrysler engineer emeritus and long-time industry consultant, who has trained many a civilian to think like an automotive insider, has had a severe stroke. It hurt his ability to type and use phones, and was followed a few weeks later by another incident. He has been released from hospice care and is now at home. I know many people will rejoice at this news. Quite aside from his skill and expertise, he’s just a good guy who has quietly helped many people, behind the scenes. Professionally, he’s rescued projects and moved the state of the art ahead; but I generally know him as 80% educator and 20% curmudgeon. And now, I owe someone a call.

  • Good news: Bob Sheaves

    Many of you probably know that Bob Sheaves, AMC and Chrysler engineer emeritus, long-time industry consultant, Jeeper, and, for a while, part-time video-journalist, — a man of many talents held in high esteem by his colleagues — recently had a severe stroke. It hurt his ability to type and use phones, and was followed a few weeks later by another incident. Dozens of people wrote in to express concern and ask what they could do. People who had fought bitterly with him sent their best wishes and prayers. This photo was taken recently from his current care facility. Perhaps it’s not the most flattering photo, but it shows that he’s on the mend, and he sent it with permission to…

  • Yes, yet more new menus

    This is a completely different script — one which I did not write myself. It is, needless to say, better! I am happy that the script has pretty light weight, though it has more code than I would normally use, to allow for many contingencies and much flexibility. I hope to get a search form in there, too. It might replace the links to other Allpar-related sites (now fixed, by the way). I also fixed the problem on the home page where our subscribers/sponsors would see ads, oops! I will be tweaking the site-wide menus over time and will see if I can finally get them to work with the forums. They are not yet in the news section, but…

  • Bob Sheaves and “Mopar Norm”
    Bob Sheaves 2007

    You probably already heard about the loss of MoparNorm, a regular contributor to Allpar and one of the “Jeep faithful.” He will be missed. (That’s Norm in a Jeep on the right. He seemed perfectly comfortable at that angle, and given his experience, I’m not surprised.) I regret to tell you that the incredibly helpful and skilled Bob Sheaves has had a stroke, as well. He’s given me permission to break the news. Bob has given us a huge amount of material as well as incomparable insight into the auto industry and engineering in general, both on a personal and a public level. He seems to be recovering, which is a wonderful thing. Really, I can’t tell you how much Bob…

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