• Moving and focusing: type4.zatz.us

    This site is moving to a new domain: https://type4.zatz.us/  The Allpar-specific content will stay here, temporarily. The cancer/recovery-specific content will move over to type4.zatz.us. If you’re wondering about the reason, it’s because the allpar parts of this blog are distracting from the personal parts, and are not really things that need to be kept around anyway.  

  • The lingering shadow

    Most people who have recovered from cancer, strokes, or heart attacks are happy to still be here; and there’s not much we can do, usually, other than shrug and go along with it, taking whatever drugs, doing whatever exercises, diets, or surgery, we are told to take or do. That makes it easy to have a “good attitude,” at least to other people. Still, there are some things you don’t see from the outside, and I doubt I’m alone in this. “Before.” I gave up an adrenal gland, kidney, and spleen, and one other organ, but in the end, I drink more water and less alcohol, and that’s pretty much the impact of the surgeries. There are other problems, though, which…

  • Getting back to normal
    dave with another Valiant

    I’ve now passed the three-year anniversary of my surgery, which means I’m likely to live long enough to die of something else. Why is three years a key milestone? Around 80% of people in my situation die within three years. If it shows up again within six months, doctors advise against even trying to stop it; it’s time to get your affairs in order and, perhaps, get it over with on your own terms while you still can. (Or not; there’s always a chance.) Over the last few months, I’ve had to change my mind-set again, from “I’ve got a definite time limit” to “I might just make it out of this alive.” Well, long enough to die from my…

  • Where’s your extended validation?

    Recently, I went through the trouble and expense of getting allpar.com an “extended validation” secure-server certificate. That means if you’re in one of our pages, and you typed in the address as https://www.allpar.com rather than just http://www.allpar.com (it’s usually that way on the forums), you should see this: It means that when you look at Allpar, it’s through a secure connection, and that the certificate that makes it secure was acquired by Allpar itself, not a pretender. That’s very handy. Suppose I go to Chase bank. I see in the green area, “JP Morgan Chase and Co.” I know it’s them and not a clever phishing site with a similar name or some hidden character trick. Anyone can get a normal lock…

  • Mild to wild: The nuttiness of ’net comments

    I started out as a writer in the print days, and have run web sites devoted to cars, computers, business, and statistical software. Like everyone else, I’ve seen a massive range of commentary. The smartest, in general, has been on the highly technical sites, where the “general population” doesn’t go — even if everything is understandable. The dumbest, generally, is on mass-media news sites, and I suspect quite a bit of that is due to “bots” — automatic software that squirts bits of hate on command. For email feedback, I’ve never seen anything beat MacStats, where I’ve had one crank in  twelve years. This is Joel West’s Macintosh statistics software site, which I’ve been maintaining since 2005. Joel himself handed it…

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