• Getting back to normal
    dave with another Valiant

    I’ve now passed the three-year anniversary of my surgery, which means I’m likely to live long enough to die of something else.

    Why is three years a key milestone? Around 80% of people in my situation die within three years. If it shows up again within six months, doctors advise against even trying to stop it; it’s time to get your affairs in order and, perhaps, get it over with on your own terms while you still can.… ... read the rest

  • Where’s your extended validation?

    Recently, I went through the trouble and expense of getting allpar.com an “extended validation” secure-server certificate. That means if you’re in one of our pages, and you typed in the address as https://www.allpar.com rather than just http://www.allpar.com (it’s usually that way on the forums), you should see this:

    It means that when you look at Allpar, it’s through a secure connection, and that the certificate that makes it secure was acquired by Allpar itself, not a pretender.… ... read the rest

  • Mild to wild: The nuttiness of ’net comments

    I started out as a writer in the print days, and have run web sites devoted to cars, computers, business, and statistical software. Like everyone else, I’ve seen a massive range of commentary.

    The smartest, in general, has been on the highly technical sites, where the “general population” doesn’t go — even if everything is understandable.… ... read the rest

  • Apple’s odd priorities

    The venerable Mac site Macintouch, which also covers the I-universe, is filling with customer complaints about Apple. There are usability problems galore, odd visual choices, hidden controls, capabilities lost, on both Macs and iPhones.

    So what does OS 10.2 have, as its headline feature? New emojis! Because that’s what everyone cares about most!… ... read the rest

  • Pissing on the parade

    Months ago, a European Chrysler enthusiast and regular correspondent wrote to the Plymouth Owners Club (POC) and Allpar, the “Mopar” web site, to find out if we were interested in running a retrospective on the 1976 cars and corporation. Both the POC and I were very interested, and so he started the laborious process of researching the era.… ... read the rest

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