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  • At the core of management fads and change efforts

    Bureaucracy was first labelled in the 1800s; from there, a long line of people have proposed different ways to describe the way companies and governments work. Then they came up with better ways — or at least ways they thought were better. The results has been literally thousands of management fads. A lot of them worked well in early trials, then failed elsewhere, when they became trendy. Quite a few are still used, and often, new fads are created that are just the old ones with a different name. I’ve been around long enough to see many, many of these fads, trends, and improvement methods come and often go. Many didn’t deserve to leave, but they seem to have a “sell-by” date stamped on them; who wants…

  • Allpar foundation-software news

    It will come as no surprise to find out that Allpar uses PHP, since nearly every web site does. We recently upgraded our database software, and in the next month or two, we will be moving up to PHP 7. PHP 7 is a major advance over the current version, PHP 5, with definite acceleration. There are some possible problems with the move; we’ve vetted all our software for outdated programmer-interface calls, but that doesn’t we won’t have any. (Forgive me if I wonder why, in once case, where the commands are essentially the same except for one letter, they could not accept both.) In the next year, we should also be able to greatly speed up image rendering. The elephant in the room remains mobile,…

  • What about Bob?

    Many of you probably know that Bob Sheaves, AMC and Chrysler engineer emeritus and long-time industry consultant, who has trained many a civilian to think like an automotive insider, has had a severe stroke. It hurt his ability to type and use phones, and was followed a few weeks later by another incident. He has been released from hospice care and is now at home. I know many people will rejoice at this news. Quite aside from his skill and expertise, he’s just a good guy who has quietly helped many people, behind the scenes. Professionally, he’s rescued projects and moved the state of the art ahead; but I generally know him as 80% educator and 20% curmudgeon. And now, I owe someone a call.

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