Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Care to sponsor Allpar?

    Are you a dealership or aftermarket supplier or a PR firm working for an automaker? Are you sick of seeing ads on Allpar and waiting to do something about it?

    Now you can.

    I am throwing open all of Allpar to sponsorship. You can take over the entire site’s “ad spaces” instead of having us carry ads for everyone.… ... read the rest

  • Getting to keep my memory

    I returned from Memorial Sloan Kettering (yes, it’s named after two GM leaders) with good news: I can stay off the chemo unless I get bad scans or blood tests. There’s no sign of cancer returning. I also signed up for another research project, but that doesn’t really require much from me other than some blood, and I give that to so many people that when I see a stranger with a needle, I start rolling up my sleeve (oops, wait, I’m getting my memory confused with Keith Richards’).… ... read the rest

  • Reducing anxiety, my way
    dave with another Valiant

    I’ve always had issues with anxiety, but it seems to me that I don’t have much reason to be stressed out these days — not rational reasons, at least.

    I have reasons to be anxious and reasons not to be, but rationally, it’s internal — it’s the way I’m wired. There are ways to get around it.… ... read the rest

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