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  • Care to sponsor Allpar?

    Are you a dealership or aftermarket supplier or a PR firm working for an automaker? Are you sick of seeing ads on Allpar and waiting to do something about it? Now you can. I am throwing open all of Allpar to sponsorship. You can take over the entire site’s “ad spaces” instead of having us carry ads for everyone. Or you can just take over one type of ad. Operators are standing by, somewhere, but if you are interested, post something here or write to me. This may be a good time to say that if you are not able to sponsor an entire web site, you can just log into the forums and get an upgrade to go ad-free while supporting…

  • Getting to keep my memory

    I returned from Memorial Sloan Kettering (yes, it’s named after two GM leaders) with good news: I can stay off the chemo unless I get bad scans or blood tests. There’s no sign of cancer returning. I also signed up for another research project, but that doesn’t really require much from me other than some blood, and I give that to so many people that when I see a stranger with a needle, I start rolling up my sleeve (oops, wait, I’m getting my memory confused with Keith Richards’). The bad news is that I need to get scans nearly twice as often, and I’m back on MRIs, rather than time-and-money saving CAT scans. Oh, and blood tests twice as often….

  • Reducing anxiety, my way
    dave with another Valiant

    I’ve always had issues with anxiety, but it seems to me that I don’t have much reason to be stressed out these days — not rational reasons, at least. I have reasons to be anxious and reasons not to be, but rationally, it’s internal — it’s the way I’m wired. There are ways to get around it. Pill-pushers (as some annoyed psychologists refer to psychiatrists) can prescribe all the generic Xanax you want, but I haven’t run my life with pills, and don’t intend to start now. Cognitive psychology, while slow, works wonders. When you find yourself on the train of anxiety provoking thoughts, distract yourself. Learn to detect and then deflect it. Freudians may think that’s bad because you’re shoving it…

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