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  • Yes, yet more new menus

    This is a completely different script — one which I did not write myself. It is, needless to say, better!

    I am happy that the script has pretty light weight, though it has more code than I would normally use, to allow for many contingencies and much flexibility. I hope to get a search form in there, too.… ... read the rest

  • Allpar’s holiday break

    Allpar is generally updated every day, including, if there’s news, weekends. This isn’t a big deal for a CNN-or-AOL-size organization, but for a smaller operation, it’s a bit harder.

    We have generally found that viewership plummets between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and as a result, we’re going to skip our usual features update — adding or updating three of our “permanent” articles.… ... read the rest

  • Menus and more

    Okay, I give up. Allpar is back to conventional dropdown menus. Someday I might re-explore the concept of the easy AJAX two-level dropdowns I used for a while, but people don’t like something about them. I did fiddle with the appearance of the menus, making them a bit more modern.

    I also got rid of the Allpar headers and replaced them with a tiny Allpar icon in the menu, which, if you let it drop down, shows some key sites.… ... read the rest

  • Menus Phase I-a, continued

    The alteration of the Allpar headers/menus has continued, with the news section now getting the treatment, including removal of the banner, inclusion of an “allpar icon” by the menu, and use of the global menus instead of unique ones.

    I also modified the old mobile menus so that now you have a choice of a small number of buttons for key areas _or_ the two-step drop-down menus that few people like, but which give the maximum number of choices.… ... read the rest

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