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  • Dropping ad dependency

    As you probably know, Allpar runs ads to generate revenue so I can work on it (and have a nice fast server) instead of doing endless surveys and flying around the country doing consulting gigs.

    There have been complaints about the ads for years, and I agree and would like to have fewer of them.… ... read the rest

  • No CAPTCHA on Allpar Forums

    I have removed the CAPTCHA verification system from the Allpar forums for these reasons:

    1. It didn’t stop spammers.
    2. It did stop legitimate users.

    It also was invisible if you had an ad-blocker.

    This explains a lot of complaints from frustrated people.

    And now if you have an ad-blocker you can register more easily and then sign up for an account upgrade (see above) to help support Allpar!… ... read the rest

  • Fixing the Allpar news again

    Allpar’s news area is a tricky section for mobile. I don’t read it on my phone, so problems can appear without my realizing it, for various reasons.

    This time I had to spend a decent amount of time troubleshooting why it was once again not working properly for cellphone users. Eventually, I discovered that one line of code had disappeared somehow (my fault, probably) and that Google’s responsive ad code appeared to be throwing things off.… ... read the rest

  • Fewer ads on Allpar as experiments end

    I’ve dropped one ad provider on Allpar and cut ads from another in half.

    The ads that appeared in the margins on very large monitors are gone. They did not provide enough money to compensate for the added “weight” in page scripts.

    The in-image ads are now showing up randomly 50% of the time, because they are such a nuisance.… ... read the rest

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