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  • How do we choose our random pages?

    Allpar’s home page shows two random pages every day, changing roughly three times an hour. You may wonder how we choose them.

    We don’t. They’re random.

    Sometimes they’re related. Sometimes they aren’t. It’s chance. The way it works used to be that we would grab a list of all the articles that have already been shown, then randomly pick a number from the total we get, and show that one.… ... read the rest

  • $530 for people, $15 for dogs

    On September 1, my insurance company chose to re-organize… everything.

    With no warning, they changed all account numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and billing practices. Suddenly payments were due that had been thought paid. They did not wait until January 1, when everyone’s plan changes anyway, but launched on September 1, sending out new cards to everyone, new explanation letters (in separate envelopes), new bills (in yet more envelopes), and new followup bills (in yet more separate envelopes.) Oh, and the new billing system doesn’t show your balance.… ... read the rest

  • We’re in Apple News!

    Allpar is in Apple News, and has been since OS 9 was a public beta.

    Search for Allpar and you will find all three Allpar feeds — news, features, and this site. Our logo is below but at the moment we’re showing plain text because our prior logo had images, and they recently banned images.… ... read the rest

  • The new Dart… updated

    It seems that every time I drive a new Dart, the experience is different. I don’t think it’s me, though. Most cars I get two versions of seem nearly identical, even, back in the old days, when I got four different brands of the same GM crossover.

    This time I got a Limited, which is a highly optioned car, with the 2.4 and automatic.… ... read the rest

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