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  • Walking the tightrope at Allpar

    Allpar walks a tightrope.

    We have to report the news accurately, regardless of how it makes Chrysler (FCA US LLC) look. If we’re too positive, or even we’re neutral, we’re also dismissed as “fanboys.” Indeed,  I don’t think it matters what we write, we’ll be called fanboys, but being accurate and responsible is the right thing to do, and provides us with all the credibility we have.… ... read the rest

  • Why don’t people get their recalls done?

    The NHTSA has hit Chrysler with a huge fine because so few people have had their cars fixed after they were recalled.

    The company isn’t being punished because some people are lazy, or for political reasons. Chrysler has tended to be slow in providing service parts, even as assembly lines run on overtime.… ... read the rest

  • Overcoming my anonymity

    If you’ve perused Allpar for any length of time, you may have noticed that I rarely give myself a byline or photo credit.

    That’s partly a reaction to my own excesses of the past. I created two college newspapers, one at Rutgers, replacing a newsletter that had been mailed first-class to our mostly adult students and yet was, according to a survey, still unknown by many people; and one in grad school, possibly the first that school ever had.… ... read the rest

  • The FCA recall screwups

    You know it’s bad when even the press releases announcing the settlement are screwy.

    Chrysler has been doing a large number of proactive recalls, analyzing warranty data to the point where single events are investigated and problems are found, in some cases, before a single car has been sold. That’s pretty good.… ... read the rest

  • Getting Ready for the Chrysler Nats in Lahaska

    There are many car clubs devoted to Chrysler these days. The most active (in the US) is almost certainly the huge Plymouth Owners Club, but they are restricted to that one brand. Then we have a panoply of relatively local Mopar clubs, the National Chrysler Products Club, Walter P. Chrysler Products Club, Dodge Brothers Club, and the new Mopar Heritage Car Club.… ... read the rest

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