• Apple’s odd priorities

    The venerable Mac site Macintouch, which also covers the I-universe, is filling with customer complaints about Apple. There are usability problems galore, odd visual choices, hidden controls, capabilities lost, on both Macs and iPhones.

    So what does OS 10.2 have, as its headline feature? New emojis! Because that’s what everyone cares about most!… ... read the rest

  • Pissing on the parade

    Months ago, a European Chrysler enthusiast and regular correspondent wrote to the Plymouth Owners Club (POC) and Allpar, the “Mopar” web site, to find out if we were interested in running a retrospective on the 1976 cars and corporation. Both the POC and I were very interested, and so he started the laborious process of researching the era.… ... read the rest

  • What and who you know

    When I was first starting out as an organizational development consultant, I went to various career seminars given by experienced professionals. One thing that kept coming up was, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

    It’s cynical advice, but it’s largely true. You can set up shop and be the very best in the world at what you do, but unless you can “schmooze,” or network, it doesn’t matter.… ... read the rest

  • How can smaller publishers compete?
    allpar facebook page

    When the Internet started up, it was fairly easy to find a following, which is probably why you can read Allpar today; we started in 1994 and got our domain name in 1998. The Web was a smaller community, with few spammers and scammers, and corporations were generally oblivious.

    The first major threats to independent publishers were, in my opinion:

    1. Pay per click “search engines” (GoTo.com was the leader before Google) which meant that if you had deep pockets, you could “outbid” better sites.
    ... read the rest
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