How can smaller publishers compete?
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When the Internet started up, it was fairly easy to find a following, which is probably why you can read Allpar today; we started in 1994 and got our domain name in 1998. The Web was a smaller community, with few spammers and scammers, and corporations were generally oblivious.

The first major threats to independent publishers were, in my opinion:

  1. Pay per click “search engines” ( was the leader before Google) which meant that if you had deep pockets, you could “outbid” better sites.
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Yup, the ads should be cleaner now

Remember these rather spicy ads that showed up all over Allpar for as long as I could take it?  Well, supposedly we now have all sorts of filters in, so we’ll clear half the money but be a bit less offensive.

It took a while due to tech issues and I still can’t get Chrome to show the new ads; not sure what’s going on there.… ... read the rest

Yup, those are ads, not a virus

In response to a few inquiries, yes, those ads at the bottom of the page at allpar are real ads, not a virus, or malware, or a mistake.  Revcontent, the advertiser, is pretty popular on the Net, and you’ve probably seen their work on many other sites (Taboola and a couple of other providers have similar ads).… ... read the rest

The “early senility” phase
dave with another Valiant

I don’t know about everyone, but for me, chemotherapy was like getting senile far ahead of my time. The effects seem to be sticking with me, too.

Early on I started to lose focus. In the past I’d been fairly high-strung, but could dive into something and stay there, which is handy if you’re coding or writing.… ... read the rest

How not to save money at work
Dave 2014

Early in my working life, I saw that “traditional” approaches to cutting costs usually didn’t work. My micro-level experiences may be valid at a macro level.

One cost-cutting story comes from my time as a temp, at a cheap (and I don’t mean frugal) outfit that made huge sums in investment banking.… ... read the rest

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